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Surviving Mars Mac Torrent – [FIRST COLONY EDITION] for Mac

Surviving Mars Mac Torrent – First Colony Edition – Are you ready to turn Mars into a living planet? Surviving Mars is a strategy city-building game, featuring tons of structures, machines are other elements required for building the ultimate civilization. […]

Microsoft Flight Simulator Mac Torrent – [Simulator] for macOS

Microsoft Flight Simulator Mac Torrent Are you thinking about flying in this pandemic era? Then you need to travel in the safest way possible with Microsoft Flight Simulator. With amazing graphics and details, this simulator takes to the air and […]

Animal Crossing New Horizons Mac Torrent – [GET IT] Now for Mac

Animal Crossing New Horizons Mac Torrent Taking the second spot as best selling game in Japan and the 15th spot as best selling game in history, Animal Crossing: New Horizons rises up to its name. Immerse yourself in a new […]

FIFA 20 Mac Torrent – [MOST WANTED] Sports Game for Mac

FIFA 20 Mac Torrent The 27th title in the FIFA series was released on 27 September 2019. Besides many improvements to the gameplay mechanics, the most acclaimed new feature of FIFA 20 is Volta Football. This makes the switch to […]

FIFA 21 Mac Torrent – [SPORTS GAME] for Macbook/iMac

FIFA 21 Mac Torrent – ULTIMATE Edition – FIFA 21 is called “The World’s Game” because the producers took into consideration many proposals and critics from the players. The FUT features a new CO-OP mode, playable in three ways: Division […]

Planet Zoo Mac Torrent – Excellent Simulator for Macbook/iMac

Planet Zoo Mac Torrent – Deluxe Edition – Planet Zoo is an amazing managing simulation game that puts you in control of a zoo. Whether you are an animal lover or simply wish to manage an animal park you are […]

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